Loving my cookware, it cooked wonderfully!

I have searched and researched pots and pans forever. I knew what I wanted but could not afford the high price. This was the only set I found that was multi ply under 400. The core goes up the sides, which is usually only found in very expensive cookware. The weight is also nice. Although I did find the smaller frying pan to be a bit too heavy on the handle side. This meant putting the handle a bit over the burner to even out the weight. This cookware does live up to its claim of no hot handles. Even when I had to put it nearer to the burner for the small pan, the handle stayed pretty cool.

My first test for any cookware…an egg. It cooked wonderfully! If you are not used to stainless it does take time to get used to. Medium heat! The outside does have a mirror finish, so be aware if.. you are tough on your cookware most likely it will scratch. Cleaned up great and dried to its new self.

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I inspected each piece very carefully and found not one scratch anywhere. It came very well packaged and very fast. I’m a very pleased cook.

It’s now been a year and I was so impressed that I came back to edit my review. After all the abuse my family has put this set through, they still look brand new! I have put them in the dishwasher, scrubbed them ect. The mirror finish still looks great.