The best non stick pan I used

I purchased this about a year ago to replace my previous conventional non stick omelet pan. I only used this pan to make omelets and have probably used it about 30 times in total since purchase. The non stick coating worked very well until yesterday when I noted difficulty lifting off my eggs and noted substantial sticking. Hence the two stars.

After use yesterday I soaked the pan in warm water overnight and this morning still find it difficult to clean off the residual egg. In the past any residue had wiped off after soaking. I’ve posted a picture (after soaking) where you can see the sticking seems to be on the raised surfaces of the honeycomb grid. The smooth ceramic sides and the honeycomb “pits” seem to have released the egg quite well. I wonder if the honeycomb pattern is part of the problem, but perhaps it has an important functional design purpose? (I’m sure someone out there will have an informed technical opinion.)

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Overall I value the concept of a ceramic non-toxic non-stick surface (I also own their 12″ pan – I use it as a specialty pan for cooking fish and it works okay) and am searching for other options for my omelets based on the disappointing service life of this pan.

Notes on usage and care (I’m a little obsessive about this): I always applied a thin layer of olive or canola oil (never cooking sprays), enough to cover the honeycomb pattern at the bottom of the pan, and heated it gently (never higher than Medium setting on my electric stovetop) to avoid heat damage. I have used only plastic utensils. After use, I always let the pan cool until comfortable to touch before adding warm water to soak for at least 30 minutes before hand washing with dish soap and a soft sponge only. This baby has never seen the inside of any dishwasher. It is stored on a hanging rack to avoid scratches and dings.

By run2sea

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